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Eckhardt Fuchs / Rebekka Horlacher / Daniel Tröhler / Jürgen Oelkers (Hrsg.)

IJHE Bildungsgeschichte

International Journal for the Historiography of Education 1-2019

  • Divergent paths to mass schooling at Europe's poles? Regional differences in Italy and Sweden, 1840-1900
  • Johnny and Ivan learning in a programmed way: The Soviet reinvention of one American technology
  • Die Magdeburger Hilfsschule und ihre Lehrkräfte im Nationalsozialismus [The Magdeburg Auxiliary School and its teachers under National Socialism]
  • Der Neuhumanismus als säkulare Bewegung? Bildung, Philologie und Religion am Beispiel von Christian Gottlob Heyne (1729-1812) [German new humanism as a secular movement? Bildung, philology, and religion, taking the example of Christian Gottlob Heyne (1729-1812)]
  • From the "known" to the "unknown": Nationalistic "description(s) of the earth" as a school subject in the multinational Habsburg Empire

  • David F. Labaree A sermon on educational research, part 2

Vorschau auf 2-2019
"Researchers have widely acknowledged the fact that performance data have turned into the modern Oracle of educational truth. However, surprisingly little attention has been paid to how the Oracle converses in the patriotic language of (more or less) homogenous nations, cultures and peoples, manifesting continuities between the present and the entangled histories of statistics, nationalism and education." (Nelli Piattoeva and Daniel Tröhler)
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