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JfAD – Journal for General Didactics

“Journal für Allgemeine Didaktik” (JfAD) (Journal for General Didactics)

The “Journal für Allgemeine Didaktik” (JfAD) (Journal for General Didactics) is a periodical with a double-blind peer review process and serves as a scientific forum for the anchoring and further development of general didactics in exchange with educational and social sciences, specialist sciences and specialist didactics. It particularly focuses on teacher education, adult education, as well as university education and didactics. As a periodical, the JfAD is methodologically diverse, interdisciplinary, and internationally oriented. Empirical, theoretical-conceptual, historical and discursive original contributions will be published in German and English. The JfAD succeeds the “Jahrbuch für Allgemeine Didaktik” (Yearbook for General Didactics) and will be published in open access by Julius Klinkhardt Publishing House starting from the year 2024.

Manuscript guidelines for submissions and template for download:

Call for papers 2024:

Special issue 2025: Allgemeine Didaktik und KI (General Didactics and AI)

Submissions are welcome for the

Thematic Section
Each journal has a focus theme, framed by an introductory article by the editors. The respective focus themes can be found in the Call for Papers.

General Section
In the General Section, theoretical-conceptual, empirical, historical, or discursive contributions are published beyond the thematic binding of the Thematic Section.

This section features articles and essays that critically examine current topics, approaches, and positions.

Reviews can be submitted or are commissioned.

Please refer to the manuscript guidelines for text lengths.
The JfAD is committed to the DFG's guidelines for ensuring good scientific practice.

Editorial Board
Ilona Esslinger-Hinz (Heidelberg), Michaela Gläser-Zikuda (Erlangen-Nürnberg), Manuela Keller-Schneider (Zurich), Ewald Kiel (Munich), Kathrin Krammer (Lucerne), Frank Lipowsky (Kassel), Gabi Reinmann (Hamburg), Daniel Scholl (Siegen), Matthias Trautmann (Siegen), Sabine Weiss (Munich), Stephan Wernke (Oldenburg), Klaus Zierer (Augsburg)

Advisory Board
Ludwig Haag (Bayreuth), Stefan T. Hopmann (Vienna), Barbara Koch-Priewe (Bielefeld)

Contact and Submission
Manuscripts for the thematic focus and the General Section should be submitted as a Word file (email attachment)
by March 1, 2024, to the managing editor:

Prof. Dr. Ilona Esslinger-Hinz
University of Education Heidelberg
Institute for Educational Sciences
KeplerstraĂźe 87
69120 Heidelberg