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Rolf Werning / Alfredo J. Artiles / Petra Engelbrecht / Myriam Hummel / Marta Caballeros / Antje Rothe (Hrsg.)

Keeping the Promise?

Contextualizing Inclusive Education in Developing Countries

Inclusive education became a global promise corroborated by international declarations such as the Salamanca Statement (1994) and the Incheon Declaration (2015). Most countries worldwide have committed to the goal of inclusive education, putting a lot of pressure on so-called developing countries.
Against this backdrop, the threefold purpose of this book is to:
  1. Generate research evidence on the development and implementation of inclusive education in developing countries,
  2. Contextualize inclusive education in specific developing countries and contexts, and
  3. Reflect on the future of inclusive education in developing countries.

“This book makes an important contribution to upholding the value of plurality in discourses and acknowledges the range of possible responses to the complex questions posed by efforts towards inclusive education.”
Dr. Nidhi Singal, Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education, University of Cambridge
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